If you are new to acupuncture or simply new to our practice here are some helpful forms and information to make your visit with us go smoothly. For additional information on the specific techniques which may be used during your treatment, please see our FAQ page.

To prepare for your appointment:

Please arrive at the clinic wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Be sure to have eaten earlier the same day, but avoid heavy or greasy foods.

Most patients move into a deep state of relaxation during the treatment as the body harmonizes. Try to leave yourself some time after the treatment to continue to relax and drink plenty of water in the hours after a treatment.

Some patients notice immediate effects while others see changes over the course of a few days. Be sure to pay attention so that you can report back to your practitioner during the following visit.

As a holistic medical modality, acupuncture treats the whole person. Prior to your initial visit, you will fill out a thorough health history form. Your initial exam will include a comprehensive verbal intake in order for your practitioner to identify and assess symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. Your acupuncturist might also check your pulse, examine your tongue, and palpate your abdomen as part of a physical exam. Feel free to ask questions at any stage of this process.

Follow-up treatments last anywhere from 30-60 minutes and are tailored specifically to the needs and sensitivities of each patient.

Forms for your first appointment:

In order to maximize the time spent during your appointment on your treatment, it is useful to print and fill out our New Patient forms ahead of time and bring them with you to your appointment. If you are unable to do so, please allow extra time prior to your appointment to fill them out at our office.